I'd Like Your Best Suite

Over the years I've had some interesting experiences as an Innkeeper.  I've learned a lot about things I expected - how to cook breakfast for large groups, how to market the Inn.  And I've learned many more things that I never expected to learn. I'll include these kernels of unexpected knowledge in a series I've called Innkeeping 201.

I get this one a lot with first time guests on the phone. They want me to tell them, of the rooms available, which one is best. I've learned the hard way that there is no such ting.  Eight years ago, when asked that question I responded that the Marrakech suite was the best available suite for this guests' stay. I described the suite and they booked it. Months later, the guest arrived and was taken to their room.  In minutes they were down in the Lobby, clearly very upset.

"That room is unacceptable", they said.

"Is there something wrong?" I asked, thinking perhaps that the roof was leaking or the sofa had been stolen overnight.

"Well, it's decorated like Morocco, and I hate that country" came the reply, with all the certainty that everyone could see such an obvious point.

"Oh," I said "I'm very sorry, let me move you to another suite right away".

Now, I'm sure you all see the irony in being shocked that a suite called Marrakech in an Inn that boasts geographically themed rooms would be furnished with items from that city, but the guest never did.  So, from then on I never tell anyone which of the rooms is 'best'